“Candles inspire something special in us. Whether it puts a smile on your face, or gives you a moment of pause to recall a memory, candles can invoke a moment that melts away reality.
Neon Apothecary’s mission is based on that spark.”

— Bobby

Neon Apothecary’s mission is to offer luxury candles, accessories and handmade goods while partnering with our Black, Brown and Queer communities to curate artisanal goods that reflect their vision. Neon Apothecary’s intention is to make partnerships to uplift and expand our shared communities.

From Rags to Candles

Before launching Neon Apothecary, Bobby B. started his journey via artisanal wares during the recession of 2008. Curiosity and time led him to his first sewing machine and later working with essential oil. However his tote bag empire was ended by a demanding job day that forced him to abandon his sewing machine dreams. A decade later, candle making was the next endeavor for him to pursue.

Honing his technique and scent selection through trial and error (and gift giving focus groups), Bobby made the move to retail. Partnering with Neon Hemlock Press in 2019, he created candle scents to pair with their publications, ultimately creating a line of handcrafted candles to be enjoyed while reading each title. That partnership is the seed that created Neon Apothecary.

The knowledge that something as simple as a candle could expand a brand and invite people to interact with a medium they would have otherwise overlooked was invigorating. It shaped our mission: to partner with other creatives, joining our communities, to make goods complement their story while allowing space for them to create in their medium.