Literary Candle Collection

They say that our sense of scent is inextricably linked to memory, and we hope that our scented candle line, inspired by Neon Hemlock’s publications, will bring new wonder to your memories of the stories and poetry therein. The vessels for Neon Hemlock’s literary-inspired candles come in a number of sizes and materials. All candles are 100% soy, phthalate-free and handcrafted in Washington, D.C. Neon Hemlock has an exclusive 5 oz Black Metal Tin which is perfect for all ascetics and is great as a worry free travel candle.



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Neon Hemlock Press is an emerging purveyor of speculative fiction and literary candles based in Washington, DC.  Their publications include the 2020 Novella Series, queer chapbooks, rad zines, and an upcoming anthology, Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn't Die. Check out their website and social media below to keep informed on their new releases and events.