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Our Signature Candle Bundle features five of our most popular scents to keep the memories everlasting even as the seasons change. Neon Coven, Lost Relic, Knight's Embrace, Vanquish and Reflection capture the notes of the season with citrus varieties and flowery fragrances for a spectacular deal and a perfect luxurious set. Get 20% off with this bundle!!

Neon Coven - Saffron, Cedar, Clove, Tonka & Citrus
Lost Relic - Champagne, Fruit, Eucalyptus & Musk
Knight's Embrace - Smoked woods, Red Berries, Balsam & Crackling Embers
Reflection - Fresh Air, Japanese Grapefruit, Lily, Lotus, Ebony & Bamboo
Vanquish - Mint, Ozone, Citrus, Fresh Flowers, Spice & Musk